Concordis Quartet

Eudoro Grade
Jorge Pires
Manuel Toucinho
Pedro Rufino

The Concordis Quartet presents a provocative statement that aims to highlight the creative act, not only as a unique musical proposition or a mature and reflective stance – cultural expressions par excellence – but also as the result of a new worldview that demands the rediscovery of great cultural values.

Here, listening is the essence, which we propose to make known, through our long journey, a path from which we cannot give up the most remarkable of companies: Music.


Concerts 2024

quarteto guitarra concordis
Created in 2005

Eudoro, Manuel, Jorge and Pedro

quarteto guitarra concordis
The Sound of Strings

It's time writing the eternal dream of music

quarteto guitarra concordis
Musical Orientation

With an emphasis on Portuguese works

Tour 2024



Day 20 – Rixheim



Day 7 – Portuguese Embassy in Astana

Day 8 – Keshteri Festival – Astana


Italy and Spain

Day 12 – Guitar International Adriatic Festival – Pescara (Italy)

Day 15 – José Tomás International Guitar Festival – Villa De Petrer (Spain)



Day 24 – IX ArmoniEstate Festival – Taranto

Day 25 – IX ArmoniEstate Festival – Montescaglioso



Day 8 – Fundão International Guitar Festival

Day 15 – Concert for the 16th anniversary of the Câmara de Lobos Mandolin Orchestra – Madeira


Spain and Portugal

Day 19 – Tenerife (Spain)

Day 25 – Concert at Quartel das Artes – Oliveira do Bairro (Portugal)

Day 26 – 9th Gondomar International Plectrum Music Festival – Gondomar (Portugal)


Portugal and Slovenia

17th – Concert Cycle at the Convento dos Remédios – Évora (Portugal)

Day 29 – Concert in Krško (Slovenia)

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The night gives me its guitar So I can sing the dawn