Global promotion of Portuguese music

The Concordis Guitar Quartet has as one of its main artistic aims the dissemination of Portuguese music across borders and, essentially, of works by Portuguese composers.

To this end, his work LUSITANIAS it orders the multiple possibilities of thinking about what exists in the history and tradition of what we call Portuguese music, so that we can recognize in reality – in ourselves and in others – what are the genuinely Lusitanian responses to these performative interpellations of our making.

In fact, we are heirs to a historical reality, present in traditional themes with a popular profile and beyond; we are part of a collective experience that surrounds us in an environment of passions, affections, challenges, behaviors that determine the way we act, think, feel and conduct ourselves in a certain way that is our own and genuine.

The LUSITÂNIASproject by theConcordis Guitar Quartet thus conveys an identity, a sense of belonging, a national way of life and seeks to share all this, especially abroad, through, among others, the most emblematic works of Carlos Paredes and José Afonso – unique symbols of Portuguese culture – as well as works by Luís Freitas Branco and Cesária Évora, the latter in an introduction to a future project “Diáspora Portuguesa” with arrangements by composers Pedro Louzeiro and Miguel Jesus.

We recognize that they are sublime creations that reflect the values of the Lusitanian (Portuguese) soul and are reflected in the artistic form – music – and in particular in the interpretation of the Concordis Guitar Quartet, which in its shows promotes the very rich heritage of Portuguese (Lusitanian) music, which is indispensable for continuing to take care not only of national artistic creation, but also of its dissemination across borders.


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